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Moonset Studios


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Moonset™ Studios

Moonset™ Studios is the current brand I have been doing design work under, as well as a streetwear/lifestyle brand that I have been developing and am hoping to launch in the Spring of 2019. Under the brand Moonset™, the SS19 collection is an attempt at high-quality, high-concept, high-graphic active/streetwear apparel and sportswear accessories that appeal to the sub-cultural creative as well as the outdoor enthusiast and athlete. Moonset™ in a way is a marriage of my love for street fashion and fine art/design as well as my passion for active/outdoor culture. I want to develop Moonset™ into a platform to express myself and create freely within the framework of a streetwear brand. Each series will exist within the context of a fully integrated campaign that will include diverse elements such as prints, posters, in-house publications and curated audio/video art. Each piece that is designed under the Moonset™ label, is a garment I would like to have in my closet. We make clothes for old souls.